Touch gloves? Nope. Let’s fight and I’ll get DQ’d instead!


“Alright, fellas. Let’s have a good clean fight. Listen to my instructions at all times and obey my commands at all times. Touch gloves and let’s get it on.” At this point, two fighters usually give each other a fist bump. Not in this case, however.

At ONE FC, Ahmed Mujtaba went in for the glove touch and his opponent, Li Kai Wen, just backed away; To which Mujtaba responded with a one finger salute.

The fight was only in it’s opening minutes when Mujtaba shot in for a takedown. It was at this time that Li Kai Wen had a brainfart and forgot the rules. According to ONE FC’s official website:

“Mujtaba moved in for a takedown, but could not complete it on the experienced wrestler. Undeterred, he tried once more, but Li stuffed the shot again and began landing heavy hammer fists.

However, referee Olivier Coste stopped the contest as Mujtaba slumped to the canvas, with several of the strikes clearly landing to the illegal area at the back of the head.”

The repeated hammer fists to the back of the head and neck earned Li a disqualification loss.