Former WWE superstar and Pride vet, Alberto Del Rio, eyeing MMA return


Eyeing an MMA comeback, former WWE superstar, Alberto Del Rio, is looking to step back into the ‘other’ ring. You may be asking yourself, “When the hell did he ever fight in MMA?”. The answer to that is in 2001-2010 and he fought under the name, ‘Dos Caras Jr’. If you still don’t know, he’s the guy in every Cro Cop highlight video, wearing a luchador mask and getting head kicked into a coma.

For his troubles, Del Rio (Actual name, Jose Alberto Rodriguez) wound up with an iron plate in his head from the Cro Cop kick. He earned a respectable record of 9-5 during his MMA tenure, however, and it seems he wants to get back to his fighting roots.

Del Rio says that it would be solely for himself (and to show his kids that he can kick ass). Who are we to say no? At 41 years of age… I say, go out there and get it!