Absolutely Amazing video by UFC Cinematographer Alex Merrimen

Alex Merriman

Wow, this 4K video by Alex Merriman really pops. It’s incredible.

Alex Merriman has been traveling with the UFC for a few years and he has captured some iconic moments. In this amazing video, he really takes you inside the Octagon for some of the iconic moments that have made us all fans of the sport. I can’t stress enough how he takes you inside the cage and puts you in the action. This is my favorite highlight reel video I’ve ever seen.

From moments of fighters being introduced to backstage candid shots, Alex captures more than the action in the cage. He makes you feel like you’re at the event, behind the scenes and privy to a world most don’t get to see. It’s an incredible talent and I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this video.

He has a bunch of other videos as well you can check out on his Vimeo page.

Alex Merriman – 4K Live Event Cinematography Reel (2018) from Alex Merriman on Vimeo.