What did I just see? Is this real life? M1 medieval fencing cross sword KO

M1 medieval fencing

I’m just gonna leave this here and tip-toe on out the door

Well, sometimes you see something, and you just don’t know what you’re seeing. This appears to be some sort of M1 medieval fencing, fighting shenanigans.  Apparently what we’re looking at is a match contested under the old rules of fencing, with cross swords for fun.

The competitors in this “match” seem to be having a spirited affair, and then one pounds the other out, resulting in a knockout.  I mean, that’s what it looks like at least.  So if ancient fencing with cross swords is your cup of tea, prepare to be entertained.  If not, well, it’s still pretty interesting.

This comes from M1 Challenge 69, and it features Alexander Andreev tossing Rustam Kukurhoev an old school, medieval beating. The victory moves Andreev to 3-0 as a professional whatever this is.