The best way to pop someone’s head off of their shoulders is…


Let me just begin by saying that Ali Bagov is a stud. In his first fight with the ACB promotion at ACB 2, he showed us how to effectively pop a man’s head from his shoulders. Since that time in 2014, ACB has grown exponentially and so has the game of Bagov.

Last year in ACB, Bagov choked wrestling stud, Bubba Jenkins, in a choke that has no name. It was a triangle-ish choke where the heel of Bagov choked the neck of Jenkins. That sub earned him the 2017 submission of the year by many media outlets.

However, his ACB career began with this Anaconda Choke of Ahmed Mirzaev and it’s ridiculous. He lifts Mirzaev off of his feet and almost gets him in the suplex position. Nasty stuff.