No matter what, CM Punk on the UFC 225 main card is best for business


While I know all MMA fans are pure of heart and want things to be a certain way, it just isn’t. In fact, our opinion doesn’t really matter at all. All that matters to the UFC is money. Also, money. Lastly, money. By the way, that isn’t a dig at the UFC. The goal of a business is to generate the most dollars as you possibly can. The UFC is a business and their bottom line is more important than what MMA purists want.

We’ve seen this with the UFC’s handling of the UFC 225 card. In my mind, it was never a question that CM Punk would be on the main card. However, fans got into a tizzy when they saw that Punk and Mike Jackson were on the main card with a combined record of 0-2. Fans might not understand, but Punk gets it. He said he’d fight on Fight Pass if he could. The thing is, an entire audience will be buying UFC 225 from CM Punk alone and THAT is why he’s on the main card. In fact, his name recognition is why he’s in the UFC at all.

Curtis Blaydes and Alistair Overeem get it, too. They know that the UFC, first and foremost, is a business. In fact, the only people who don’t seem to ‘get it’ are fans and journalists. People were saying that Overeem and Blaydes were ‘demoted’ to the undercard. In usual Dana White fashion, his retort at the press conference this weekend was priceless.

“Listen, when Alistair Overeem sells as many pay-per-views as CM Punk does, we can argue.”

Yep, that’ll do it.

It should also be noted that the former UFC light heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, is on the Fight Pass prelims. His fight will be seen by about 70 people.