Alistair Overeem scores big KO victory at UFC Fight Night Beijing


Of everyone fighting on the UFC Fight Night Beijing card, it’s arguable that Alistair Overeem needed a win the most desperately. He faced promotional newcomer, Sergey Pavlovich. Pavlovich was having some success against The Reem. Then, Overeem gets a bully like takedown and scores a nasty NASTY KO.

The first shot that Reem landed sounded like a baseball bat cracking a fastball. Every shot thereafter seemed just as nasty as the one before. The referee had no choice but to stop the fight, as Pavlovich was doing nothing but eating leather.

Overeem had been on a two-fight losing streak where he was brutally knocked out in both. He badly needed a win and boy did he get a good one.

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Brutalized at 225, Reem posts to social media with some new scars


They say that chicks dig scars. Maybe, but it’s doubtful that they like the Frankenstein look. If Alistair Overeem wants to be a stunt double in the next Mary Shelley movie, he’s well on his way after being opened up like a tomato can by Curtis Blaydes at UFC 225.

In case you missed it, here is the video of Reem painting the canvas with his own brain matter.

With all jokes aside, thankfully, Overeem is okay. He took to his social media to let his fans know that he is doing fine and that he’ll be back. However, the majority of fans who replied to the tweet are calling for his retirement due to continued excessive damage.

Because everyone on Twitter is a licensed doctor and know what’s best for him.

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We could soon be seeing Curtis Blaydes taking on Alistair Overeem

Curtis Blaydes

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Classic Eddie Alvarez reaction to Ngannou’s KO over Reem


I watched this video a few times and laughed each time. The reaction of Eddie Alvarez when watching Francis Ngannou vs Alistair Overeem was classic. The reason it was so funny, was because when that knockout happened, I had the same exact reaction.

When the KO initially took place, it was a feeling of shock. Literally, it was a pause and and feeling of, “Wait; What just happened?” Then it turned funny and rolled right into scary, when Reem wasn’t getting up.

Eddie goes through all of the emotions and like a fighter, breaks down Ngannou’s next fight with Stipe Miocic. Before the results are even read, Eddie sheds light on how that fight could go.

That face he made, though. HAHA.

After the brutal ko loss. Overeem woke up like the Undertaker.


Anyone can get knocked out in MMA, but it’s how you get up after that’s important. When Overeem woke up after almost getting his head punched into the stratosphere by Francis Ngannou, he did so like a boss. A boss named the Undertaker.

If you are a pro wrestling fan, you see it right away. The Reem got slept and laid on the canvas totally motionless for a good thirty seconds. He showed no signs of life at all. Not a hand gesture or a toe wiggle. Suddenly, he does the Undertaker sit-up.

However, this is real life. The crowd didn’t go crazy and expect him to land a big leg drop. I’m just saying the Undertaker probably could have taken 6-7 chair shots afterwards.

In all seriousness, it was a scary moment; As most MMA fans thought Overeem was seriously hurt. The Reem was ok and will live to fight another day.

Francis Ngannou’s corner will live to scream and curse another day, too.

Francis NGannou nearly separates Overeem’s head from his body!

Francis NGannou

This is the most straight-up hardcore knockout I’ve ever seen in the UFC. Savage!

If you don’t want to see perhaps the most destructive single punch in the history of the UFC, skip this. What we have here in the most savage punch I’ve seen thrown and landed in the Octagon. That covers a lot of ground and a lot of knockouts. Francis NGannou and Alistair Overeem met in the co-main event last night at UFC 218 and what transpired was the stuff of legend. Just look and see for yourself what violence erupted.

This was a left hand for the record-book, and Overeem’s head snapped back like he was shot. The knockout certainly earns Francis NGannou a date with Stipe Moicic for a shot at the UFC Heavyweight title. I shudder to just think about it.

For the rest of the UFC 218 results, click here.

Credit for the Video goes to Fancy Combat.

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UFC announces major heavyweight clash at UFC 218

UFC 218

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Francis Ngannou saying he’ll snap Reem with a punch, just sounds scary.

Saying he'll snap him, Ngannou is terrifying

Francis Ngannou threatening to snap Alistair Overeem with a punch doesn’t make much sense. Yet, I’m pretty sure we all know exactly what he’s saying. I heard someone is trying to skip the line. Can’t allow such a thing to happen. So @francis_ngannou let’s go! @ufc — Alistair Overeem (@Alistairovereem) September 7, 2017 … Read moreFrancis Ngannou saying he’ll snap Reem with a punch, just sounds scary.

UFC 213 Media Day face-offs featuring Nunes vs. Shevchenko.

UFC 213 Media Day

The fighters for UFC 213 all got together for some face-offs

Los Angeles, CA played host to the UFC 213 media day and the fighters got together for photo ops. The main card features two world title fights consisting of Amanda Nunes taking on Valentina Shevchenko and Yoel Romero battling Robert Whittaker.

It’s going to be a really solid card, and it’s all part of the awesome International Fight Week.

The main card looks like this.

Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko
Yoel Romero vs. Robert Whittaker
Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum
Jim Miller vs. Anthony Pettis
Travis Browne vs. Oleksiy Oliynyk

For the current UFC 213 card, click here.

Mark Hunt on the Reem: “He’s always gonna be a cheating bum.”

Mark Hunt had some strong words when calling Alistair Overeem a cheating bum.

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UFC 213 sees another potential heavyweight fight added to the July card

ufc 213

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