Bodybuilder vs Pro Boxer, Allan Green. It goes just how you’d expect.


First and foremost, props to the bodybuilder for even attempting to get in the ring with a pro boxer. You, sir, are more than a man than I will ever be. That being said, you have to be crazy to square off with former professional boxer, Allan ‘Sweetness’ Green.

With a name like Rambo Gunz, he may just be the right amount of crazy that we need. Mr Gunz geared up and sparred with one of the former ‘Super Six’ competitors, Allan Green. Like the title states, it went exactly as you would expect.

Green was lighting Gunz up and Rambo looked to be searching for any air that he could find. When all was said and done, Gunz was laid out, exhausted and bloodied. However, the good news is that his video has almost 500,000 viewers on his YouTube.

Sometimes, when you lose, you really win. I think Nietzche said that.