Felice Herrig was on American Ninja Warrior back in 2016, here’s her run.

American Ninja Warrior

After Bellator 198 they aired an old American Ninja Warrior, Felice Herrig was shown

American Ninja Warrior is pretty damn cool. Seeing people be able to manipulate their way through these incredible physical obstacles is entertaining. One of MMA’s own, Felice Herrig was on the show back in 2016 and they re-aired her run this past Saturday night. Felice posted it via her Twitter account and we’re passing it on to you guys.

She did really well, especially when you look at the obstacles she had to face and given the fact she can not spend all her time specifically training for this as she has to train for her career in MMA. I’m proud of how well she did and her agent and friend Brian Butler was on hand to cheer his client on.