Phil Baroni posts epic video of Stephan Bonnar attacking a heckler.

Stephan Bonnar

The American Shooters will ruin your night if you step to them.

Stephan Bonnar and Phil Baroni have teamed up to form a professional wrestling tag team, as well as opening a strip club in Las Vegas. The two of them are clearly not to be toyed with, and who would have dreamed the Baroni was the voice of reason. Well, that’s what he’d have you believe as he posted this video, where a “fan” entered the ring and got into Bonnar’s face.

Bad idea, a head kick and a few punches later, and the heckler was exiting stage left while security held Bonnar back.  Phil Baroni posted the video on his Instagram and said,This is what happens when the American Psycho does appearances without me.”

In the world of professional wrestling, you never know what you’re really looking at, but it’s entertaining none the less. Enjoy the madness.