Like Madonna said, “Qiuen es. Esa nina. Who’s that girl?”


Madonna had it right when she sang the song “Who’s that girl?” because I saw this clip and began Googling right away. It turns out that the girl in question is Amy Pirnie from Glasgow, Scotland.

Her opponent, Aline Seiberth from Switzerland is no scrub either. However, the teep that Pirnie landed at 2:38 of the round looked to kicked the soul out of Seiberth. In fact, Seiberth looked at Pirnie like she was the Grim Reaper.

Over the next 0:30 seconds, Pirnie threw non-stop combos. She capped it off with a straight kick to the body, followed up by a knee to the body. Seiberth doubled over in pain as the ref counted to 10. He did not like what he was seeing from her and called the fight.

Pirnie is a strawweight beast.