Mike Swick out there in Indonesia living bigger than Bilzerian


It sounds like a reality television show for Amazon Prime. ‘Bigger than Bilzerian’ follows Mike Swick around the world on all of his amazing adventures and his kooky experiences. Swick just posted to his Instagram and showed that he is living his best life. While the writers at MikeSwick.com watch him and are green with … Read moreMike Swick out there in Indonesia living bigger than Bilzerian

RQMS EP 31: Anastasia Yankova in studio. Talks future and MMA news


Mike Swick is back from Los Angeles and he promised more regular Real Quick Podcasts. He wasn’t lying and is back with Marc Bogutzki doing episode #31. A welcome addition to the RQMS Podcast is none other than Anastasia Yankova. Anastasia discussed her career in fighting and personal goings-on. The trio also cover what is going on in the world of mixed martial arts.

From the Real Quick YouTube channel.

“Anastasia Yankova joins the guys in the studio to talk about her last fight. She also talks about her modeling/acting career and what’s next for her in MMA. The team discusses the latest MMA news and hot topics.”

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Royce Gracie spends some time talking with Anastasia Yankova

Royce Gracie

It’s not about winning and losing, it’s about getting up and grinding to get better. Mike Swick was in England last week working with Anastasia Yankova in her bout with Kate Jackson. The fight didn’t go Yankova’s way, but that’s how it’s going to go sometimes. All the greats lose, and champions get up and get … Read moreRoyce Gracie spends some time talking with Anastasia Yankova

*Spoilers* Bellator 200 Event Results – Carvalho vs. Mousasi *Spoilers*

Bellator 200 Event Results

 Here are your Bellator 200 Event Results, don’t read if you don’t want Spoilers *Spoilers* Bellator 200 Event Results – Carvalho vs. Mousasi May 25th, 2018 SSE Arena London, England MIDDLEWEIGHT Rafael Carvalho vs. WinnerGegard Mousasi TKO (Ground and Pound) at 3:35 in round number 1. WELTERWEIGHT WinnerMichael Page vs. David Rickels Submission (Verbal) at … Read more*Spoilers* Bellator 200 Event Results – Carvalho vs. Mousasi *Spoilers*

Anastasia Yankova has done media, weighed in and is ready to go!

We’re following AKA Thailand fighter Anastasia Yankova this weekend in London. There’s a lot more to being a professional fighter than showing up and fighting. You have endless hours in the gym, and once you get to fight week, you have to sign posters, do a ton of media, cut weight, weigh-in and more. Then, … Read moreAnastasia Yankova has done media, weighed in and is ready to go!

Anastasia Yankova pre Bellator 200, media day Q-n-A


The pre Bellator 200 media has begun and Anastasia Yankova took to the dais to answer questions. It has been a long layoff for Yankova so it’s no surprise that she is so excited to get back in the cage to do some face punching. Yankova last fought at Bellator 176 in April 2017, so her stepping in the cage is long overdue.

Yankova’s head trainer is our namesake, Mike Swick. All week long he has been sending word back to Swickquarters that Anastasia is on weight and ready for her fight with the UK’s Kate Jackson. Anastasia’s mind, body, and spirit are exactly where they are supposed to be.

This is Yankova’s first trip to the UK and she is enjoying her time there after coming off of a stellar training camp.

Check out her Q&A with MMACrazyTV.

Anastasia Yankova back in the Bellator cage this weekend

Anastasia Yankova

AKA Thailand’s very own Anastasia Yankova will fight Friday at Bellator 200 One of the top young Flyweight’s in the sport will be in action Friday as Anastasia Yankova will square off with Kate Jackson at Bellator 200. The fight is headlining the preliminary section of the card, and the winner will be in great … Read moreAnastasia Yankova back in the Bellator cage this weekend

RQMS Ep 27- Anastasia Yankova in studio. YES PLEASE!


Episode 27 is here of the Real Quick Podcast and the very special guest is Bellator star, Anastasia Yankova. It’s also a little special in the sense that this is Anastasia’s first English speaking interview. I had no idea that she was so fluent, but her English is VERY good. Anastasia stops by in the middle of her training camp for Bellator 200 to talk about everything you wanted to know about her; From her training camp to her tattoo meanings.

It’s no secret that Anastasia is one of Mike Swick’s star pupils at AKA Thailand, but she is also a HUGE star in Russia. She is a model, artist, and flyweight Bellator fighter. In fact, she may be the most popular fighter that is not in the UFC; Male or female.

From the RQMS YouTube:

“Undefeated Bellator star and model, Anastasia Yankova, joins the guys in studio to talk about everything. Her training camp at AKA Thailand, her life before fighting, since starting her fight career, her past health issues, her artwork, and why she quit drinking alcohol after she was 5 years old.

Also, some rare bonus sparring clips of her training with BAMMA World Flyweight Champion Daniel Barez and Titin, as she prepares for Bellator 200 this May. This is Anastasia’s very first public conversation in English, and it really gives an inside look at one of the most popular and mysterious figures in the sport.”

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RQMS Ep 26: “Lord Fedor”. Also Anastasia’s unconventional training


It’s time for another Real Quick Podcast in your life! Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki are really pumped up in this episode because things are going very well at AKA Thailand. Right now, Anastasia Yankova is in her fight camp and the guys focus a lot on her and her unconventional training in this episode.

Also, like the title states, Fedor is a big focus on the show. Fedor showed-out this past weekend with his stunning knockout win over Frank Mir at Bellator 198. Being that Fedor is one of Swick’s favorite fighters, Swick is very impassioned when talking about him.

Of course, both Mike and Marc have personal stories upon stories to keep you laughing throughout. Episode 26 is another winner, so check it out.

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Mike Swick on Anastasia Yankova’s Bellator 200 fight camp and health


Taken from the RQMS Podcast Ep 20, Mike Swick gives us an update on undefeated Bellator flyweight, Anastasia Yankova. Swick discussed Yankova’s health as well as where her weight is at, nine weeks out. Honestly, it sounds like she may not even have to cut weight, as Swick says she is only five pounds over right now.

Then, Swick gives Yankova about as big of a compliment that anyone can get. Considering Swick trains with guys like Daniel Cormier, Josh Thomson, Cain Velasquez, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Luke Rockhold, he says of Yankova,

“Her and Khabib are the toughest… mentally toughest and just strong physically, that I’ve ever trained with.”

To sum it up, Swick says that she is a HEALTHY savage right now, so all the ladies in Bellator better watch out. Anastasia is coming!

Anastasia Yankova set to return at Bellator 176 this Saturday.

Anastasia Yankova set to return at Bellator 176 this Saturday.

Bellator put a heck of a card together for this Saturday night, consisting of four MMA fights and six kickboxing matches. The main event will be Rafael Carvalho against Melvin Manhoef for the Bellator Middleweight Championship. The co-main event of Bellator 176 features the return of the undefeated Russian model and mixed martial artist, Anastasia … Read moreAnastasia Yankova set to return at Bellator 176 this Saturday.

Anastasia Yankova Bellator 161 Fight Camp Video – AKA Thailand

Anastasia Yankova prepares for Bellator 161 at AKA Thailand. Take a peek into her fight camp in Phuket and see what makes her so dangerous in the cage.

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