Man eats head kick, immediately sleeps it off. Wow!

wicked head kick

This clip will make you feel better about your day job, regardless of what it is.

So you want to be a mixed martial artist?  Not so fast my friend. Sometimes, you show up and get kicked in the head and the result is the violent sleep.  You’re not having good dreams, you’re in a dark place, wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life.  So next time you clock in for your shift at the factory, remember, at least you’re not eating a wicked head kick like this guy.

Caposa, the king of the gif delivers again with this gem, taken from WOCS 45 in Brazil. WOCS stands for “Watch Out Combat Show”, which is a cool name. In this fight, Rudson Caliocane took on Anderson Resende and Rudson lands perhaps the most devastating head kick in recent memory.  Anderson is immediately out cold.  Check it out.