Anderson Silva wants Conor or to box Roy Jones Jr. We say, give it to him!


At this stage of Anderson Silva’s career, just give the man whatever he wants. For years he has wanted to fight Roy Jones Jr and even reiterates in this video that boxing RJJ is his dream. However, Anderson was called out by Conor McGregor not so long ago and now Silva is wondering where Conor has gone.

“I accepted the fight for McGregor. I say let’s go do. 180 (lbs), is perfect for me and I think it’s good for McGregor. Let’s go do it. It’s an amazing fight for the fans”.

Then, Silva is asked if the fight has ever been close to happening. As Silva says that it’s “Close to happening”, his manager Ed Soares is in the background shaking his head ‘No’ at the same time.

Silva then deadpans the camera and says, “McGregor… Come on, man. Let’s do this. Don’t run, man. You scared?”

It looks like McGregor opening Pandora’s Box may not have been a wise choice because the middleweight GOAT wants a crack at McGregor and the all of the money that comes with him.

With a victory over Israel Adesanya, Anderson Silva earns a title shot.


Dana White flashed gold in front of Anderson Silva’s face and Silva got that Midas Fever again. White told Silva that if he fights and gets a victory over Israel Adesanya in February he gets a shot at the title. That is definitely a good way to get the former champ to sign on the … Read moreWith a victory over Israel Adesanya, Anderson Silva earns a title shot.

Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya at UFC 234 in Australia. Ees normal.


Ees normal. Once again we get a fight between a young lion vs the old lion. In this case, Anderson Silva is the old lion and is reportedly going to face a mirror image of his former self. The 29-year old, Israel Adesanya, will be Silva’s Huckleberry at UFC 234 in Australia. History has shown … Read moreAnderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya at UFC 234 in Australia. Ees normal.

Anderson Silva responds to Conor’s challenge with a resounding, yes.


I cover the sport of MMA and was totally unaware that Conor McGregor had made a callout of Anderson Silva. I didn’t know that I wanted to see this fight, but now that it’s on the table, I’m all in. With a resounding response of yes, Anderson Silva seems keen on stepping into the cage with McGregor.

If not Conor, Silva is open to the idea of fighting Nick Diaz once again. The two had a very close fight once before and fans wouldn’t hate to see the two go at it again.

However, McGregor vs Silva would be a full-on novelty that does massive numbers. Silva says if they fought it would be at 180 pounds. He used to fight around the 175-pound mark, but he’s 43 now and ‘Dad-Bod’ has kicked in pretty significantly.

A fight between Conor and Silva at 175-180 is not impossible and I’d spend all of my money to see that.

Anderson Silva on his way back sooner than expected

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva accepted a retroactive 1-year suspension from USADA Anderson Silva is going to be eligible to fight again in November. USADA today stated that they have reached an agreement with Silva after they traced the results of his failed test to a pharmacy known for producing tainted supplements. For Silva, it is a redemption of … Read moreAnderson Silva on his way back sooner than expected

Michael Bisping retires as a professional fighter after much consideration

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping calls it quits after a lengthy, amazing career. There has been a lot of talk regarding the subject of Michael Bisping retiring. He had basically said on numerous occasions he’d either retire, or fight one more time, and then hang up the gloves. Bottom line, he made the decision to walk away, and … Read moreMichael Bisping retires as a professional fighter after much consideration

Anderson Silva is totally sold on Khabib Nurmagomedov


First and foremost, please ignore the TMZ reporter that knows nothing about MMA. He actually asked Anderson Silva, ” “Would you compare your style to Khabib’s style at all?” Man, do SOME research before you talk to the 185 GOAT and ask a stupid ass question like that. Anderson corrects him, then reveals that he’s totally sold on Khabib Nurmagomedov being ‘THE GUY’ in MMA right now.

“Khabib is the new talent. He’s the new tough guy in the sport. I believe that Khabib has become the best guy in this sport.”

It is safe to say that Anderson Silva knows what he is talking about when it comes to fighting. If Anderson says you are the best, then you probably are the best. However, he remains a realist and knows that anything can happen in MMA.

Dana White on Jon Jones and Anderson Silva’s desire to return


Both Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have expressed their desire to come back to fighting. While Anderson Silva sounds set on coming back to box Roy Jones Jr, Jon Jones wants back in the UFC.

It is good to want things… However, Dana White has no control over this situation. Both are being dealt with by USADA and it is up to them when and if either guy may return to fighting. Of course, both fighters have adamantly proclaimed their innocence.

Dana said he spoke with Jon Jones for the first time since his most recent fight (July). That right there is a step in the right direction.

Dana White has to deal with so much stress on a regular basis, because of fighters. Every day it’s a disgruntled employee, a champion who fell from grace, or just someone acting like an idiot that he has to deal with.

I bet if that guy worked in construction, he’d have a full head of luscious hair.

Anderson Silva says positive drug test is because of tainted supplements


Anderson Silva had a lot to say about his positive drug test when TMZ rolled up on him today. The UFC middleweight legend claims that doing a steroid is stupid because, basically, he has no reason to.  At the moment, The Spider is just waiting to find out what the verdict is and when he can return to fighting.

“I’m just waiting for USADA and my lawyers. Hopefully, I come back soon for a fight with Roy Jones (Jr).”

He continued,

“The supplement I used was contaminated, I don’t know. It’s obvious if I took steroids, I’m stupid. I’m too old. I’m not starting my career, I’m finishing.”

Silva was adamant that whatever he was flagged for, was contaminated. He also didn’t say anything about MMA, rather, he’s looking at boxing Roy Jones Jr. These are crazy times in MMA my friends.


This is just … ummm…Anderson Silva twerks in a bra and high heels

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva “performs” as a tribute to Pabllo Vittar, a Brazilian drag queen.

File this under the “I had to see it, so, so do you” category. Sometimes you’re online checking out Instagram stories and you run across something you can’t unsee. This is one of those times. Anderson Silva figured it was a good idea to don tights, a g-string, bra and high heels and do some twerking. I mean, who are we to tell Anderson how to live?

He has a little time on his hands, and he looks to have taken some dance lessons. The funniest part of this video is his high heels that are at least four sizes too small. I give him credit for not falling down multiple times during his elaborate routine.

The result is both hilarious and frightening. One thing is for certain, The Spider can shake it. Apparently, he was doing this to pay tribute to a famed Brazilian performer and Drag Queen. Without further adieu, we bring to you Anderson Silva, whose milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.

Anderson Silva gets vulnerable. Sigh… I am disappoint.


Sigh, Anderson Silva… What in the actual hell is this? Seriously, this looks like ‘The View’ for men. Unless it’s on Maury Povich and they are NOT the father, no one wants to see men expressing their feelings.

I stumbled across this video on my Facebook and was blown away at how ridiculous it is. I mean, I get it. Everyone is sensitive about anything and everything right now. So when five dudes are sitting in a circle talking about their feelings and being vulnerable, I think, ‘This is so 2018’.

This ‘men being vulnerable’ movement is being led by a motivational speaker. That speaker got the middleweight GOAT to talk about his voice and people harping on him when he gains weight and how it makes him ‘feel’.

Smack. My. Damn. Head.


Literally, I could see Dan Henderson sitting down and drinking everyone’s beer, then farting in their faces, before he walks away calling them ‘pussies’.

Dana White is the only hurdle in the way of Anderson vs RJJ


When discussing what’s the hurdle in the way of a potential boxing super fight between Roy Jones Jr and Anderson Silva; The answer has always been, Dana White. TMZ caught up with RJJ and once again asked why this fight hasn’t happened. Once again, the answer remains the same.

“I feel like if he gave it to Conor McGregor then why couldn’t you give it to the greatest of all time, Anderson The Spider Silva?”

That is a great and just question, Mr Jones Jr. It is bizarre how at the height of Conor’s popularity that he was allowed to venture over to boxing. However, when it came to Anderson boxing Roy, it was always met with a firm ‘no’.

Maybe after all the recent losses that Silva has suffered and the tide turned in his career, Dana will now be a little more open to it.

Demetrious Johnson says thanks to Anderson Silva for GOAT status.

Demetrious Johnson

Anderson Silva was asked this week who the GOAT was and he said, Demetrious Johnson.

It’s one of those endless MMA discussions. Who is the GOAT? The Greatest of all Time. Some people will say, Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, Demetrious Johnson, Jon Jones, or even Conor McGregor. There is no way for certain to know who it is. It’s just whoever you believe is the best fighter to ever have fought. When you get the seal of approval however from one of those men, it has to count towards something. 

Anderson Silva was asked who he felt the GOAT was and he said, Demetrius Johnson. I tend to agree with that pick. Demetrious is just on a level all his own. The fine folks at TMZ reached out to Demetrious who was home recovering from shoulder surgery. They got his opinion on who’s the best, as well as Demetrious thanking Anderson Silva for the nomination.

‘Greatest Freakout Ever’ kid, watches Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva


The ‘Greatest Freakout Ever’ kid should not watch mixed martial arts. Or operate heavy machinery. Or have any human interaction whatsoever. That is why we love him.

Odds are that when you watched Forrest Griffin fight Anderson Silva, there were a range of emotions going through your body too. Most watched in disbelief as Silva was seemingly fighting in the Matrix while Forrest was drowning in quicksand. However, no matter how big of a Forrest Griffin fan you were, odds are you didn’t destroy a remote and beat up a door.

Then again, odds are you aren’t a spaz named Stephen that wears UFC gloves while you watch a fight card.

Anderson Silva doesn’t address his failed drug test in statement


Anderson Silva broke his silence for the first time since failing a drug test and got pulled from his fight with Kelvin Gastelum. Shockingly, Silva didn’t address the situation or even acknowledge it. We can only assume that ‘his people’ are handling it. There was no admission of innocence or guilt; Just a blanket statement … Read moreAnderson Silva doesn’t address his failed drug test in statement