Anthony Bourdain, BJJ practitioner and Diaz Brothers homie, passes away


Food critic, chef, author, television host, and BJJ practitioner, Anthony Bourdain has passed away. Thanks to his now ex-wife, Ottavia, Bourdain found new life when he picked up BJJ a few years ago. Ottavia trained under Renzo Gracie in New York and Anthony didn’t really want any part of it. That is, until he did. … Read moreAnthony Bourdain, BJJ practitioner and Diaz Brothers homie, passes away

The Diaz Brothers appear with Anthony Bourdain on Parts Unknown

The Diaz Brothers

CNN program “Parts Unknown” visited Los Angeles for their season debut.

Nick and Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez appeared on the popular show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Sunday night as part of the 9th season premiere.  The episode was featuring the city of Los Angeles and the latin community.  The Diaz Brothers and Gilbert joined Anthony for some shrimp and beers.

They seemed really laid back and relatable and seemed to enjoy the time spent with Bourdain. Anthony is a fan of MMA, and he and his ex-wife Ottavia have been practicing Jiu-Jitsu players for years.  In fact, Ottavia is a brown belt under John Danaher.

They went to a small diner called Mariscos Chente, in Los Angeles.  At any rate, Anthony asked the Diaz’ what they ate growing up, and Nate said “Macoroni and Cheese, and hot dogs.” Nick agreed and quickly added “Top Ramen Noodles.” Nate told a story about waiting to catch foul balls at the little league field because you take the ball and trade it for a bag of chips, or a drink at the snack bar.  He ended up getting a hard time for not giving the ball to a smaller kid and got into a fight. He remembers that as being his first fight in sixth grade.

Both Nick and Nate eat primarily vegan diets now. Here’s a clip from their appearance on the show.