Well, that escalated quickly! Enjoy this awesome four-second knockout.

Four-Second Knockout

Josh Jones knocked his opponent out with the first punch he threw.

This weekend at an event called NEF 29, Josh Jones and Anthony Spires entered the cage to do battle. Four seconds later, it was over. Yeah, you can basically watch this fight 15 times a minute if that’s how you want to spend your day. We won’t judge you.  The bell rang, the fighters met in the middle and Jones unleased an overhand right.  That’s all he needed. Anthony Spires crashed to the canvas in a heap. All hail the four-second knockout.

Our pals over at FloCombat were covering the event, and posted the KO to their Instagram account, passing on the goodness to all of us.


Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor lasted 3 times longer than this #fight… #MMA #KO #record #NEF #NEF29 @nefights

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