Antonio Tarver arrested for punching stepson in the face

tarver-arrested-punching stepson

One day. Just one day is all I ask. One day where there isn’t a headline like Antonio Tarver punching his stepson in the face. Just yesterday, Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband. Now, this.

TMZ first obtained the report of his arrest and they also released the 911 phone call. The fight between Tarver and his stepson took place while Tarver was on the phone with the police.

“According to the police report, cops responded to a home in Florida on Monday around 4:45 PM — after 18-year-old Aziya Taylor called 911. When cops arrived, they say Taylor was bleeding from his mouth — and said he had been attacked by Tarver, who he identified as his “stepfather.”

Aziya told police the altercation with Tarver began earlier that day when they went to breakfast at Waffle House, but Aziya didn’t have enough cash to cover the meal. When they got back to the house, Aziya said Tarver “bum-rushed” him and struck him in the face.

Aziya says Tarver punched him again and then threw him into the garage and locked the door. Aziya says he escaped and called the police.”

Tarver was released on $1000 bond. We’ll keep you updated on when his court date is set.