Arianny Celeste painfully talks about Floyd’s chances against Conor


Arianny Celeste painfully talks about Floyd Mayweather’s chances against Conor McGregor in MMA. It seems that the long-tenured Octagon girl thinks that Floyd could possibly score an upset in mixed martial arts over McGregor.

“I give (Mayweather) a chance, yeah. I think they both did amazing in the last fight; So, I’d love to see that.”

It’s not often that you see a TMZ reporter try to walk away from getting some answers. However, this guy tried to end the conversation with Arianny with an, “Ok, well, cool…”

Also, Arianny randomly says that she loves the ‘Diaz Bros’ but she doesn’t know when either are coming back.

It’s okay Arianny, no one does.

Arianny Celeste has a new music video out. “Zoo”.


Arianny Celeste has just released her latest single and video, ‘Zoo’. Aside from ring-girling, a lot of these ladies have other careers running in the background. Usually, it’s modelling or something else which requires you to be attractive (Like being a writer for

Brittney Palmer has her paintings and Arianny seems to have her music. There looks like there was a decent budget on this video, so we can assume Celeste is planning on making a real go at being a singer.

Time will tell how this sexually charged and Asian themed video will do. Something tells me that there is a market for hot women eating men’s hearts right now.

Arianny Celeste releases a smooth music video. “I love you, baby.”

Arianny Celeste

Arianny has plenty of interests outside of the Octagon, and music is one of them Perhaps the most famed Octagon girl of all time, Arianny Celeste, brings a whole lot more to the table than a pretty face.  She’s a talented singer and recently released a music video. It’s a mellow version of “I love … Read moreArianny Celeste releases a smooth music video. “I love you, baby.”