RQMS Podcast Ep 29: The Hollywood Cowboy with stuntman Arnold Chon


Mike Swick left Thailand and came back to the states for some business. This trip was a heavily themed cowboy trip for Swick as pictures surfaced of Mike donning a cowboy hat all over Los Angeles. Swick takes his Texas roots to Hollywood and brings us episode 29 of the Real Quick Podcast. His guest is stuntman Arnold Chon and odds are, you’ve seen him on the silver screen. A LOT.

Chon is an actor and stuntman of close to 200 movies. He is also the trainer of multiple top MMA fighters, including UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley.

From our YouTube:

“Arnold Chon joins the Podcast, on set in Hollywood, at the IStunt.com studios. He talks about how he brought Tyron Woodley into MMA and then later into a film career while giving great insight on how other fighters can break into the industry. A very informative podcast on stunt work and how to excel fast at it.”

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