Check out the animated Octo: Disputed History of the Octagon video


Octo is a great little video about the history of the UFC and the Octagon.

Octo: The Disputed History of the Octagon is a great animated short film that speaks to the origins of the Octagon and how it came to be the proving ground for MMA with the UFC. So how was the Octagon first conceived? There are various opinions as to who was the brainchild behind the famous cage. This video works to get to the bottom of it. Do we know who created it? Not really.

Part of the series of short films as part of the UFC’s 25th anniversary, I found this to be an informative and really cool video. It’s about ten minutes in length and it was really well done.  Whether it was John Millius (Movie-Director), Greg Harrison (Designer from Pee Wee’s Playhouse), Jason Cusson (Contractor who built it), or someone else altogether, this is a compelling story. John Cusson says it was from the Chuck Norris movie, The Octagon. Who knows what’s true or not. My guess is it was all of these people contributing at different times.

There will be new videos each week as part of the Anniversary celebration. I’m looking forward to what’s next.

UFC Announces Art Davie to be inducted into Hall of Fame

Art Davie

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