Bodybuilder vs. Chubby Guy someone’s about to get slept.

slugfest 10

Strongman competitor/bodybuilder enters the cage, takes a nap.

I guess this proves that muscles don’t make the fighter. A larger than life Artus “Walrus” Walczak quickly learned that it take a LOT of gas to fuel those big muscles.  He was fighting at an event called, Slugfest 10. He was fighting the more modestly built Filip Stayowy. The results might very well have surprised some.

After some back and forth, the muscle-bound Walczak was sucking air, big time.  He was plodding forward, throwing an occasional wild hook. As these things tend to happen, he got knocked silly and finished. This is another one of those cases, where I could tell you about, but you’d probably rather just see it.  Check it out.