Watch all 5 extraordinary finishes from Dana White’s Contender Series


Every fight on Dana White’s Contender Series last night was a finish. Some of them weren’t very nice, either. The knockouts were all savage KO’s and the subs were strangulations. Put lightly, all of the finishes were extraordinary.

Dana White recognized this and gave four out of the five winners, UFC contracts. Dwight Grant, Ryan Spann, Anthony Hernandez, and Matt Sayles were all of the happy victors. Only one didn’t receive a contract and that was Austin Springer. Springer was impressive in what could have been called a ‘comeback win’, however, his overall performance wasn’t at the level that the UFC president would have liked.

Check out all five finishes from episode two.

Dwight Grant:

Ryan Spann:

Austin Springer

Anthony Hernandez

Matt Sayles