‘Baby Slice’ Stoked About ‘Black Panther’ Star Playing Kimbo


It was announced a few weeks ago that Black Panther actor, Winston Duke, will be playing Kimbo Slice and an upcoming movie about the former street brawler’s life. Kimbo’s son and current Bellator star, Kevin ‘Baby Slice’ Ferguson, is thrilled that the movie is being made. He’s also thrilled that Davis will be playing the … Read more‘Baby Slice’ Stoked About ‘Black Panther’ Star Playing Kimbo

Baby Slice reflects on his father Kimbo Slice, one year later.

Kevin Ferguson Jr, reflects on pop's legacy

It’s been a year since the passing of famed street fighter turned mixed martial artist, Kimbo Slice. His son, Kevin Ferguson Jr, reflects on pop’s legacy and comments on the outpouring of fan support.

“I’m happy to see that. I know he touched a lot of people in a lot of ways and they still remember him. He set a mark and made a statement.”

Ferguson Jr is making his own mark in mixed martial arts, as well. Currently signed to Bellator, he recently won his first fight by TKO. Just like his dad, he has a passion for the sport and is starting to turn heads.

RIP Kimbo Slice. Gone way too soon.