Is this real life? Just a real bad night at the office, fighter KO’d but won’t quit.

fighter gets KO'd but won't quit

This is basically the all my combat nightmares in a 20-second span.

You know that song, “Bad Day?”  Well, if I could play that as the background music to this clip, it would be pretty epic. So, let me see if I can explain what you’re about to see here. A fighter gets KO’d but won’t quit. Fighter A eats an ugly combo and falls to the mat in a pile. He tries to jump up and continue and doesn’t even make it to his feet before he drops again.  Then, he gets up, puts his arms up and tries to jump showing the referee he’s ok, but his left leg doesn’t seem to want to play along. Then, he opts to run over to the ropes and try and hop out of the ring, doesn’t go well.

So you’ve had a bad day?  Not like this guy.