They say “Protect yourself at all times.” Cheap-shot KO!

cheap-shot ko

Sometimes sportsmanship is just not worth it.

Cheap-shot? Yeah, I think so. In this video, we see two fighters about to start their fight. They meet in the middle for a glove touch, and instead of tapping gloves, one fighter opts to tap the chin. The result is a mega KO. At this event, called WBK 22 in China, Ibragim Khalilov faced off with Bakhtiyar Barotov in a heavyweight match.  The cheap-shot KO improved Khaliov’s record to 3-0 inside of WBK.  He’s only fought for a total of about 1 minute during those victories.

The big man seems to have some serious power, and the heavyweight showed some athleticism as well executing a standing backflip post fight.  A for ability, F for Sportsmanship.

Whether or not Baotov was done dirty, the fact remains touch gloves at your own risk. Once that bell rings, you’re fair game.