Guy knocked down by a punch. Armbars his opponent 13 seconds later


Holy. Freakin’. Moly. It’s a rarity to see someone recover so quickly from a knockdown punch and even more rare to see them slapping on armbars just seconds after. Such was the case today at BAMMA when Fabian Edwards took on Kent Kauppinen.

Kauppinen knocked Edwards down with a right hand with just twenty-five seconds left in the first round. Normally, this is the part where we say, “And then Kauppinen finished him off soon after. Not in this case, however.

Edwards hit the mat and immediately shot in for a double-leg takedown. He transitioned to Kauppinen’s back; Then to armbar. Boom. Done. 13 seconds after getting knocked on his keister, Edwards wins by armbar.

Video from BAMMA Twitter