The bare-knuckle war that you heard about. Joey Beltran vs Tony Lopez


By now, most of you have seen the picture that came out of the bare-knuckle boxing event which took place last weekend. Joey Beltran fought Tony Lopez in an absolutely bloody war that saw the fighters go the distance.

The fight was set for five, 2-minute rounds and these guys used every second of it. If you are unfamiliar with both Beltran and Lopez, they have a combined total of 140 MMA fights. The two had previously met in King of the Cage, where Beltran dropped both fights to Lopez.

Beltran exacted his revenge in a bare-knuckle war that had everyone talking the next morning.

Check out the battle between these two old-school MMA fighters. You will be very entertained.


A closer look at the legal bare-knuckle boxing promotion


It was on pay per view, so many people missed out on a wildly entertaining night of fights. The first legally sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing was held in Wyoming this weekend and there was nothing but positivity from both fighters and fans. USA Today took a closer look at the event and offered interviews with commission people, the promoter, and fighters.

The format of 3, 2-minute rounds is encouraging. That’s a total of 6 minutes in the ring, allowing for a full sprint. There are no takedowns or knees. It’s literally boxing without gloves with the use of some clinching.

There were so many UFC fighters who took to Twitter the evening of the fights saying that they wanted in, on the next card. Maybe or maybe not, but this thing could really become big. People just need to get past the shock of no gloves first.

Watch Worldstar for an hour and bare-knuckle boxing will look like tiddlywinks.