I’m here to throw knees, elbows and skip around the cage, in that order!

knees, elbows and skip

These are some wicked knees, and her reaction post-fight, classic.

This fight is a good one. If you like knees, you’ll love this! At and event called Batalha MMA 3, two fighters engaged in what turned out to be a classic scrap. Luana Carolina and Jessica Negrao fought and things didn’t go well for Jessica Negaro.  She was up against the fence and Carolina nailed a serious set of knees to her, followed by an elbow that crumbled Jessica to the mat.  Seems she was there to throw knees, elbows and skip.

After that, moved by what appears to be pure joy, Luana Carolina began skipping and dancing around the cage.  It was a classic moment.  Well, not so much if you’re Jessica Negrao.  You get the point though. Check out the video below.