In case you missed it, amazing jumping Triangle Choke from Bellator 188

Amazing Jumping Triangle Choke

Bellator 188 went down last weekend and this amazing jumping triangle choke was incredible.

Bellator took their cage on the road, setting up shop in Tel Aviv, Isreal a little over a week ago for Bellator 188. The main event saw Noad Lahat defeat Jerimiah Labiano via unanimous decision. However, the most jaw-dropping moment of the card took place much earlier. During the undercard, Lightweights Oron Kahlan was taking on Julian Maloku. The end came when Kahlan jumped up and secured an amazing jumping triangle choke.

Oron Kahlan (8-0) is an undefeated prospect who put himself on the map at Bellator 188 with his submission. The first was still in the first round when approximately two minutes in, Maloku had just put his hands in the air in a little celebration. As he and Oron got close, Oron quickly trapped his head, jumped up and in one smooth motion secured the Triangle Choke. Oron posted the amazing feat on his Instagram.