Bellator MMA presents: In Focus – A look at Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson makes his Bellator debut in ten days.

One of the bigger UFC to Bellator free agent additions will make his promotional debut Sept. 23rd, when he meets Javy Ayala in San Jose, CA. Roy Nelson has always been a popular heavyweight and looks to bring his right hand to Bellator and see where it takes him.  We reported he signed with Bellator back in May. Roy has a lot of fans, and many feel it’s because he connects to the fans of the sport who don’t look chiseled from stone. Roy has a large belly and a hair and beard combo that would make him look like the frontman of a Grateful Dead cover band.

Bellator is doing some promotion for Roy and released this video entitled, In Focus. It’s an interesting look into Roy Nelson. We hear him talk about his Martial Arts start, in Kung Fu. He has a bunch of trophies from his Kung Fu days. Before Roy became a slugger, he had an amazing submission game for a heavyweight. He’s gotten away from it, but it still remains under the surface.

Roy talks about his businesses and life after fighting. We see and his son driving around Vegas in “Hog Cars” which are pink three wheel scooters that Roy Nelson uses to give unique tours of Las Vegas. It looks like a lot of fun.