Mauro Ranallo gives emotional speech after his documentary screening

Maruo Ranallo

Mauro Ranallo’s doc Bi-Polar Rock-n-Rolla is an amazing look into the life of mental illness. 

Mauro Ranallo is one of the most famous commentators in combat sports and wrestling. He does boxing events, MMA events, Pro Wrestling events and does so with a style and energy all his own. If you want to see him at his amazing best, watch his call of NXT Takeover New Orleans. You can see some of it right here.

However, the Showtime documentary on his life with Bi-polar disorder and mental illness is a different thing altogether.  It shines the light, uncomfortably at times on how one struggles with the disorder. The movie was recently screened in Canada, Ranallo’s home, and he stood up after it finished and gave an emotional speech. We’ve got it here for you.

It’s important to note the underlying message here. People with mental illness issues need our help. If you can be a source for someone to simply talk so, you are doing a lot. If you know someone who is struggling or seems depressed, talk to them about it. If there is someone in your family, or a friend who suffers from Bi-Polar disorder do a few things to help them.

What can you do?

  • Learn about the disorder.
  • Encourage them to get help.
  • Be a source of communication and support.
  • Show patience and understanding.