Floyd Mayweather gets his shot stuffed by Wild N Out Model

Floyd Mayweather

This had to be a bit of an ego-check for Mayweather.

Take that weak stuff somewhere else Floyd! While playing in a charity game at UCLA, Floyd Mayweather pulled up to try and hit a jumper, but instead, he got his shot blocked by Brittney Elena, a model. He was embarrassed and wanted the foul called, but there was none to be had. It was a pretty low point in what was otherwise a pretty decent game from Mayweather. Evan Shoman posted earlier about Floyd and rapper TEKASHI69 seemingly hitting it off.

Floyd has an ugly but effective jump shot and seems to move well without the ball. He has a clear love for the game and seems to be pretty good at it. It’s always nice to see people busting their butts for charity. Helping other people is always in fashion.

He did get crossed up at one point as well by the R & B singer Tank, but hey, that happens. The players were raising money for charity. So good for all of them, and when you’re competing for a good cause, there are no losers. You can see the block below, as well as some other Mayweather highlights.