Local wrestling featuring ATT, King Mo, and TUF 6 Alum, Blake Bowman


You don’t hear about it as much as you should, but the guys at ATT have been doing local in-house wrestling for years. It actually started as a gym Halloween party and has involved into a full-blown indy circuit.

King Mo is a huge pro wrestling fan and appears on Impact Wrestling for time to time. You may remember Blake Bowman as a contestant on TUF 6. Since that time, Mo has quietly been doing underground wrestling appearances and Blake has been spreading his wrestling wings as a pro wrestling manager / pot-stirrer / mouthpiece.

During their show this weekend and repping Team ATT, both Blake and King Mo went full heel with some of the oldest ‘bad guy’ tricks in the book. They seem to be really good at being bad, as the gym chanted ‘ATT sucks’ by the end of the video.