I have no words….dude fights bouncers, winds up in a hole, seriously.


Well, I certainly didn’t expect that, did you?

It’s one thing to square off and throw hands against a bunch of different bouncers, I mean, who hasn’t been there? But, it’s another thing entirely when you get pushed by the said bouncer, fall over a rail and into what looks like a massive drain hole. That’s what happens here. Sorry, I spoiled it, but trust me, you still need to see this.

We are always looking at crazy stuff and surfing through tons of videos to find some amazing KO’s or fun submissions. However, at times you stumble across something like this and we just have to share it. I’m blown away by how this video ends, and I can say I’ve already watched 20 plus times.  I can only imagine the bouncer yelling “This is Sparta” before the push sending the brawler into the pit of despair…Dilly Dilly.

The guy seems to be a big dude, which makes his disappearance into the hole all the more curious. One second he’s there throwing haymakers, next second he’s falling through the center of the earth.