You can’t do that buddy, double stomp to gut DQs fighter

double stomp

Rules exist for a reason, this guy doesn’t care about them at all.

Jumping up out of the mount, and executing a double stomp on your opponent is frowned upon in modern day MMA. In fact, it’s more than frowned upon, it’s illegal. That didn’t get in the way however of Brian Hall channeling his inner Finn Balor last Saturday at V3 Fights 68.

Hall was competing against Jeremy Rogers in Robinsonville, Mississippi. While in the mount, Hall stood up and stomped Rogers’ midsection. As a result, the fight was stopped and Hall stood up out of full mount position, jumped and delivered a hard double stomp right to the abdomen. The shot sucked the wind right out of Rogers, but the flagrant foul drew a quick stoppage, resulting in a no-contest