The ladies in a bizarre fight in Texas. Did the ref miss the call? You decide.


In the grand scheme of things, this is a fight that really isn’t of Earth-shattering importance. It’s just an MMA fight between two ladies in a regional promotion that took place in Texas. However, there were so many bizarre variables that surrounded the fight, it makes you ask questions.

The video is impossible to find and even more impossible to embed. With some gifs, my mind-blowing storytelling, and a little creativity, we can get through this together.

At the end of the second round between Cade Dement and Jeniece Gamez, Gamez was trapped in a triangle. The bell rang, the ref steps in, and Dement lets go. What I see here is Gamez is asleep, then she wakes up, and continues fighting because she didn’t know she was out. That is only my personal opinion, though.

(Thank you Mr Honky on Twitter for the gif)

Gamez went on to win in the third round by guillotine and then taunted her fallen opponent. This prompted a flinch reaction by Dement and Gamez then threw punches. In her own words from the Texas MMA Round Up Facepook page:

“After the fight was stopped I was very happy because at the end of 2nd round she held me in a choke 6-8 seconds after the bell so I screamed in her face like “HAHA YOU AREN’T SHIT” and when I came back around she flinched like she was gonna hit me so I swung twice then next thing you know my corner and her corner are trying to go at it 😂 .. so we got asked to leave immediately because it’s not our hometown and we wouldn’t have been to safe there.”

Take a look on the Talkin Sports Facebook page for a cageside video in it’s entirety and see what you think went down. Did the ref miss the call in the second round or did Dement hold on to the choke for an extra ‘6-8 seconds’ and deserve the taunting?