KO showing the reason Bas Rutten emphasizes attacking the liver.


Any time that MMA legend Bas Rutten talks about fighting, he always emphasizes attacking the liver. The liver shot isn’t utilized in MMA as much as it should be, yet, no strike does more crippling damage. The perfect strike to the liver can shut down the entire body and make it impossible to continue on. We saw this exact scenario with Angelo Rubino at Cage Warriors today.

While the announcers may have seen it as a low blow, it was clearly a kick to the ‘off switch’ known as the liver. His opponent, Maarten Wouters, buckled over and screamed in pain when the kick was landed. Rubino didn’t necessarily need to follow up with strikes to the head, however, it’s MMA and you need to make sure to get your opponent out of there.

Rubino certainly got Wouters out of there with the viciousness.