Cornerman jumps into cage and saves his unconscious fighter

Cornerman jumps into cage

Referees have a tough job, but when your corner has to do this, it’s a problem.

During a fight between Silmar Nunes and Caio Robson Silva things got out of control. They were competing at an event called  Capanema Fight Combat when Nunes was able to secure a Guillotine Choke. He tightened the hold and soon Robson Silva was unconscious. The only hiccup was the referee apparently wasn’t able to determine the fighter had gone out.  Which is why a cornerman jumps into cage.

After what seemed like minutes, but was in fact seconds, the cornerman for Robson Silva hopped into the cage and pushed the referee aside to save his fighter. All hell broke loose as you might imagine, but in the end, the corners separated and everyone turned their attention to the downed fighter.  Not a good look from the referee, it’s an issue that needs correcting.

Video Courtesy of Pancadante.