2 KO’s from LFA last night where the souls had left the bodies


LFA 43 last night saw some highlight reel knockouts. Guys were getting knocked dead and their souls could be seen hovering over the cage. Jordan Titoni and Larry Crowe fought hard and fought well, but at the end of the night, both suffered brutal knockout losses.

The main event featured a battle between Brendan Allen and Larry Crowe. Crowe was doing well with big punches, until he wasn’t. He unloaded a flurry on Allen, who covered up well. Then, at the end of the combo, Allen hit a short left hook and Crowe belly flopped to the canvas.

In the fight between Jordan Titoni and Cameron Graves, it was a back and forth affair. Titoni seemingly won round 1 and Graves took round 2. In the third round, Titoni looked tired and Graves capitalized. Graves landed a straight left that wobbled Titoni and then he was like a shark who smelled blood. Graves methodically pot shotted Titoni until he landed a head kick that ended Titoni’s night.