Have a look at Georges St-Pierre in the new Steven Seagal movie, Cartels

georges st-pierre

Georges St-Pierre has a sizable role as a bad guy in this film.

Georges St-Pierre is in a new film.  It’s called Cartels and stars Steven Seagal. It seems as if the plot of this movie revolves around a drug cartel boss having his death faked by the US government in order to turn him into a government witness. However, the members of his old gang find out and start making attempts on his life. Unable to keep him safe, the US Government must turn to the one man who can do the job, Steven Seagal. Seagal plays John Harrison an all around badass.

The leader of the cartel attempting to kill the guarded former cartel member is none other than Georges St-Pierre, playing Bruno Sinclaire. Yes, GSP is the bad guy and I really dig that idea. The movie is going to be more or less what you expect it to be. It’s not going to win any academy awards, but it should be pretty entertaining for a night in.  The trailer can be seen below.