CB Dollaway talks about the stoppage that never came from Herb Dean


Most of us watched in horror when Herb Dean reffed CB Dollaway’s fight in Russia a few weeks ago. Referees make mistakes and we always love to point it out when they do. However, Herb is one of the best and his non stoppage of CB Dollaway’s fight against Khalid Murtazaliev really had fans scratching … Read moreCB Dollaway talks about the stoppage that never came from Herb Dean

Herb Dean is 1 of the top 3 refs in MMA. Not at UFC, Moscow, however.


In my opinion, Herb Dean shares the number 1 spot with John McCarthy for being one of the best refs in MMA. I love Herb and think the world of his reffing skills. I still consider his stoppage of Tim Sylvia vs Frank Mir as the greatest referee moment in MMA history. It saddens me to say it, but his non-stoppage during the CB Dollaway vs Khalid Murtazaliev at the UFC, Moscow event today, was up there as one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

CB was done as done could be. He clearly didn’t want to tap to strikes, so he covered up. As Herb told him to fight back, CB continued to turtle and protect himself. Then, he laid face down on the mat and covered his face; Still, nothing.

The round came to an end and for all intensive purposes, Herb was prepared to let the fight go to the third round. Finally, CB said he was done and Herb stopped the fight. The announcers wanted it to be stopped, as well as the audience at home and fans on social media.

What do you think? Was it late or a good non-stoppage?


CB Dollaway speaks about the disqualification win over Hector Lombard


If it was on time or late, clean or dirty; CB Dollaway vs Hector Lombard will go down in the history books as a disqualification win for Dollaway. For the first time since Lombard and Dollaway fought, CB recaps what he feels happened at UFC 222.

At the moment, Dollaway and Lombard are engaging in a war of words online. Lombard is basically saying that Dollaway was acting hurt to bail out of the fight. Every time Dollaway offers a response on Lombard’s post, Hector deletes them. It is a bizarre situation that these two are in, but we all know that there is a way to settle it.

It really just depends on what the UFC want to do about it. Will they move on from the fight or will they re-book it? I’d bet that we hear what will happen much sooner than later.

Everyone is talking about Dollaway vs Lombard. Dirty or not?


With all of the madness, greatness, and also weirdness that came out of UFC 222; Everyone still seems divided on the CB Dollaway vs Hector Lombard decision. Did Hector hit CB after the bell intentionally, or had he already started his punches?

I guess it all comes down to your perception of what exactly YOU saw in the fight. I have just rewound, slo-mo’d, and watched it again about fifty times and it’s definitely close.

CB lands a kick as the horn sounds. Hector tries to catch the kick with his left hand and throws his two-punch combo off of it. By the time the horn is fully finished blowing, Lombard already landed the right hand. The knockout punch came right after the horn stopped. In real time, it appears that the punches came very late. After further dissecting it, it was too close to call. Those punches came in like lightning.

Technically, the second and final punch came in after the horn was done making sound. Therefore, making it an illegal punch. However, as I’ve learned from Big John McCarthy, who wrote most of the rules, The horn only signals the round ending. It is a referee’s job to physically end the round.

He posted this in October of 2014.

“The round officially ends at the call of the referee. The bell is their notification.”

Again, with how quickly and closely the punches came to the horn, the referee couldn’t have gotten in there to stop it unless he was Quicksilver from the X-Men.

I didn’t think so before, but Lombard may have a case here. This is only MY opinion. What do you guys think?

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