6 Star Podcast Ep. 8 with Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall

6 Star Podcast Ep. 8

Uncle Creepy comes by this week for an enjoyable conversation.

This week on the 6 Star Podcast Ep. 8, Uncle Creepy himself, Ian McCall drops by to spend some time chatting about injuries, life after fighting, CBDs, SoCal Weather, kids and much, much more. He’s a great interview and has a ton of information on the healing powers of CBD Oils. Absolutely worth a listen.

Evan, Dion, and Dan talk about all kinds of nonsense and Dan repeatedly say things he regrets. “I’d get all the dicks….” etc. We talk a little South Park, wrestling, and cover all kinds of other topical social issues and solve the world’s problems. Some of that might not be true. You’ll have to listen to find out. Enjoy the show and share with your friends.

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