Bas Rutten and Chris Weidman shine in “Kevin Can Wait” blooper reel

Bas Rutten and Chris Weidman shine in Kevin Can Wait blooper reel

Mixed martial artists are no strangers to the world of acting. We reported yesterday that Ronda Rousey will be making her return to television later this year. But earlier this week MMA legend and UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten and former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman appeared on the hit CBS show, Kevin Can Wait, starring Kevin James.

This actually isn’t the first time Rutten and James have graced the screen together. The two co-starred alongside one another in the 2012 MMA comedy Here Comes the Boom, which Rutten is amazing in.

This week’s appearance is also the second time both Rutten and Weidman have appeared on the CBS comedy. Some of the funniest moments of any TV show never make the cut. Luckily for us, CBS has released a short blooper reel from Rutten and Weidman’s episode, which is titled, “Neighborhood Watch”.

Check out the blooper reel below.

Kevin Can Wait airs Mondays at 8:30pm EST on CBS.