Yikes! Big slam results in massive KO at CES 48

massive KO

Tim Caron and Timothy Woods met at CES 48, a massive slam ended the fight!

Tonight at CES 48 a pair of middleweights were doing battle on the main card, on AXS TV. The two were in the clinch they almost seemed to slam each other. Fighter Timothy Woods was slammed face first directly into the mat. The results were a massive KO! He was out cold the second he hit, but Tim Caron landed three additional punches before the referee could jump in and halt the action.

As you saw, the slam was short and sweet and planted Woods directly on his head. The folks at CES were quick to respond and they carried Woods from the ring on a stretcher. He was, however, moving his arms and communicating with officials which is very encouraging given the nature of the slam.

Credit for the video goes to the awesome Zombie Prophet, give him a follow on Twitter.