Kaboom! Take a look at this amazing Muay Thai knockout!


Are you kidding me? This is AMAZING!

Listen up boys and girls, this one, is a keeper! Sometimes I stumble upon a KO and think, I should post this.  Other times I see videos like that and immediately have to share them you crazy violence craving savages. This one, you’re going to like. You’ll be watching then all of a sudden, KABOOM…dude is out cold.

This comes from a Muay Thai event in Thailand and features Chalawan Por Onnut taking on Rambong Leesorkanka. Well, a little combo and a stunning front kick later, Leesorkanka was deep in slumber. It’s a great knockout, and I hope you guys dig it. I forwarded the video to start 13 minutes in, but you can, of course, watch the entire fight on Youtube.