NBA on TNT and Creed 2 stars in for the LOL’z with punching machine


What happens when the stars from Creed 2, Michael B Jordan and Florian Munteanu, join the NBA on TNT crew? The same thing that happens whenever Charles Barkley is around. Hilarity. Once he was one of the most feared badasses in the NBA. Now, Charles has devolved into an uncoordinated goofball.

Kenny Smith goes first on the punch machine. Kenny considers himself to be ‘street’ because he grew up balling in New York. I’m here to tell you that street folks don’t throw punches like little kids. Kenny does. Standing hammerfist for the win.

Charles Barkley absolutely shit the bed on his punch. Grandmothers punch harder. Of course, the whole room laughs hysterically.

Next up is Shaq. Shaq has trained and even fought in exhibitions. He knows how to punch. However, the guy is taller than a building and it’s difficult to throw straight on the machine. Yet, he still manages to smash the thing.

Michael B Jordan also knows how to punch. To give you some perspective of how big all of these guys are, Jordan is 6’0 but looks like Gary Coleman in the land of giants.

Ivan Drago’s son, Florian Munteanu, is actually a pro boxer. This dude knows what he’s doing. One might call him the ‘Anti Charles Barkley’. He hits the hardest of everyone to nobody’s surprise.

Shaq tries again because he’s the most competitive man on Earth. He doesn’t catch Florian, but he beats Chuck. So, I imagine all is right with the world.