Bare Knuckle FC 2 Event Results – Bec Rawlings vs. Britain Hart

Bare Knuckle FC 2 Event Results

We have your Bare Knuckle FC 2 results right here. Bare Knuckle FC 2 took place tonight in Biloxi, Mississippi and as you might imagine, it was a crazy night of slugging action. Bec Rawlings headlined the show, that also saw Kendall Grove, Charles Bennett, and Chris Lytle make big debuts. Check out the winners … Read moreBare Knuckle FC 2 Event Results – Bec Rawlings vs. Britain Hart

Are you ready for Bare Knuckle FC 2? I know I can’t wait for it.

Bare Knuckle FC 2 Event Results

The first Bare Knuckle FC was awesome, and this promises to be even better! If you missed the debut show from Bare Knuckle FC, you missed out on some great fun. The fights were good and it included a clash for the ages between Joey Beltran and Tony Lopez. It was a bloody good time … Read moreAre you ready for Bare Knuckle FC 2? I know I can’t wait for it.

Kendall Grove signs deal to compete for Bare Knuckle FC

Kendall Grove

This is going to be good, Grove will be a great addition to Bare Knuckle FC Kendall Grove is a very talented striker. He’s been in the UFC, Bellator and everywhere in between. He has a ton of experience and will be taking it to the Bare Knuckle FC ring. I absolutely loved their debut … Read moreKendall Grove signs deal to compete for Bare Knuckle FC

Felony Charles Bennett posts street fight where a guy is almost forced to…


Charles Felony Bennett has really kept himself in the news this week. First, he fought on a porn streaming site and then he punched Colby Covington in the face. Now, Felony has posted a street fight video that is a total winner. Not because of the epic fight, but because one fighter is almost forced to… How can I say this?

Perform the act of ‘Autofellatio’.

Here’s the kicker, Bennett thinks the big person in the video is a woman. However, I think it may be a man. It’s hard to tell with all that is happening to see the person’s face and build to make the distinction.

Regardless, that is a huge human being and that guy should have thought twice about punching them. As a result, he almost wound up tea bagging himself while getting punched in the face. Trust me, that is no fun at all.

Or so I’ve heard.


People love punching Colby Covington in the face wherever he is


Colby Covington is trying his hardest to be a bad guy and it is working; Maybe a little too well. The goal of being a heel is to get yourself hated enough to where people are talking about you. However, Covington has gone to the lengths of making pro fighters loathe him so much that they love punching his face.

You know whose schtick isn’t a gimmick at all? Charles ‘Felony’ Bennett. So, what happens when the real meets the fake at CamSoda’s porn streaming MMA fights? You guessed it. Another MMA fighter punches Colby in the face. Props to Mike Brown for holding onto his beer and breaking it up.

I’m surprised Colby didn’t call in the National Guard.

Video: Caposa Twitter

Camsoda Legends Results: Ricco Rodriguez vs. Alex Nicholson

Camsolda Legends Event Results

  Camsoda Legends Event Results: Ricco Rodriguez vs. Alex Nicholson April 26th, 2018 Club Sway Ft. Lauderdale, FL HEAVYWEIGHT Ricco Rodriguez vs. WinnerAlex Nicholson Submission (Strikes?) at 1:28 in round number 1. FEATHERWEIGHT WinnerBruce Lutchmedial vs. Charles Bennett Unanimous Decision after 3 round(s). FEATHERWEIGHT Anthony Retic vs. WinnerMatt Wagy Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:13 … Read moreCamsoda Legends Results: Ricco Rodriguez vs. Alex Nicholson

Ricco Rodriguez and Charles Bennett fight tonight on streaming porn site


Tell me if you heard this joke before; Ricco Rodriguez and Charles Bennett streaming from a porn site, walk into a bar… Ok, not exactly. However, yes, Ricco and Bennett will be competing in an MMA event that is on a porno streaming site. I can’t say I don’t like MMA or porn and think … Read moreRicco Rodriguez and Charles Bennett fight tonight on streaming porn site

Real Quick Podcast Ep 9: ‘Felony Crazy Horse Kid Khaos’ Charles Bennett


The interview starts out innocent enough with ‘Felony’ Charles Bennett. Ok, not really. It starts out with Bennett smoking ‘something’ and talking about training and being ‘butt-ass naked’.

Bennett is fighting UFC veteran, Cody Pfister, this weekend in Amarillo, Texas. Bennett goes on to tell Swick and Marc Bogutzki that he’s been calling Cody every night to make sure he’s showing up because he has bills to pay. He touches on his Wanderlei Silva drama that is a feud spanning ten years.

He goes on to explain his crazy life, including a prison stint, to where he’s at right now. Then, things get… weird. REALLY WEIRD.

As described by our Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast YouTube:

“Felony” Charles Bennett joins the show to talk about needing to fight to pay his bills, how he trains, and then the podcast takes huge twist when he opens up about sending naked pictures to a man online and then hunts him down to retrieve them back. This is an episode that is surely not to be missed, and also one that we must give a stern warning about. This episode contains graphic language and content and the opinions expressed by our guest are that of his own. We just gave Charles a platform to tell his story and, well, be Charles Bennett. Hope you are entertained and please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.”

Charles Bennett the very definition of “prize-fighter”

Charles Bennett

Charles Bennett is basically fighting for cell service and a roof over his head. Some fighters are fighting for fame and championship gold. Some fight to prove something to themselves. Others fight because of the money. Then there’s Charles Bennett who is fighting because his mobile provider shut off his phone. This guy doesn’t even … Read moreCharles Bennett the very definition of “prize-fighter”

A Krazy Horse cannot change his spots – drops his fifth fight in a row

Krazy Horse

This has gone from silly to depressing … Bennett loses fifth in a row.

It doesn’t matter if you call him Krazy Horse, or Felony, recently if he’s fighting, he’s losing. It doesn’t maen it won’t be entertaining at least for a minute or two. Krazy Horse was at it again, this time competing in Kunlun Fight 13 in China last week when he opened the fight by leaning up against the fence. He leaned there until he was lifted for a takedown.  Bennett, rather than readying himself for impact choose to instead wave to the fans.  It was classic Bennett.  Thanks to Twitter legend Caposa for the video.

Bennett survived the first round of the fight, but a minute inot the second round he tapped out to what looks like a pretty haphazzard Rear Naked Choke. At this point, it’s become crystal clear that Bennett is fighting for checks and nothing more. It’s kind of sad because he had a lot of talent and could have become a solid fighter.