Charlie Z called out Nate Diaz. This may not end too well for ol’ Charlie


If this actually comes to fruition, it could quite possibly be the end of internet boxer, Charlie Zelenoff. Zelenoff has a history of asking people to lightly spar and then goes bananas on the unsuspecting opponent. If he’s not doing that, Charlie is often times mixing it up with real boxers and on the wrong end of an ass-kicking.

Charlie Z claims to have taken the souls of Deontay Wilder, Chuck Liddell, and Floyd Mayweather Sr. If you search anywhere online, you would see that both Wilder and Mayweather whooped on him and Chuck laughed at the notion of he and Charlie fighting.

Now, Charlie is going in on Nate Diaz and Nate is a different animal than the aforementioned people. If Nate sees Charlie and is aware of all of this shit talk… Charlie may be eating the rest of his meals through a straw for the remainder of his life.

Internet failsation, Charlie Z, gets his comeuppance. Badly.


Charlie Zelenoff has been an internet ‘thing’ for years. If you don’t know him, he is mentally ‘off’ a bit. However, his actions have made him a target of people’s ire. He walks around regular gyms and asks people if they want to do light sparring. When they agree, he throws heavy haymakers, often to the dismay of would-be challengers. At that point, Charlie would usually go online and say something like, he KO’d an ex-Navy SEAL. After all of his sucker punching and lies, despite being ‘off’, people have called for his comeuppance. He’s gotten it a few times, but this one was pretty bad.

Zelenoff even got combat sports celebrities involved with his shtick. One time I had Lorenz Larkin on my radio show and he swore if he ever ran into Charlie Z, he’d put hands on him. Another time, Charlie talked smack to Deontay Wilder about his daughter and Wilder actually showed up to fight Charlie. Wearing a right boxing glove on his left hand, Wilder threw hammers at Charlie. Charlie ran away and ultimately, his story evolved into him knocking Wilder out. He also challenged Floyd Mayweather Sr and got pieced up a bit. Charlie ran out of the ring and when Mayweather turned his back, Charlie ran up and sucker punched him. Then, a Mayweather gym guy beat the shit out of Charlie.

There are literally hundreds of videos of Charlie messing with unsuspecting people who are just trying to get a workout in. He is delusional and dirty and deserves whatever karma catches up with him.

The guy in this video, Crazy Tempo, runs up on Charlie and Charlie bolts. He runs into a restaurant and hides behind the counter. This may be the end of Charlie Z because this was a clowning of epic proportions. People online are thanking Crazy Tempo for finally exposing Charlie and capturing it on video.

I’d like to think this is the last we’ll see of ol Charlie, but something tells me this incident will wind up as Charlie beating up a former Gold Gloves champion.

If you’d like to watch the who Wilder debacle, here you go.