Tecia Torres and Heather Jo Clark show how to celebrate a birthday


Everyone celebrates things differently. Normal people may give a hug or a kiss to show their acknowledgment of an event. Not fighters, however. Strawweight prospect, Cheyanne Vlismas, just celebrated her 23rd birthday. Her teammates, Heather Jo Clark and Tecia Torres, gave her the birthday treatment in their own traditional way.

It looks as if Clark likes to throw a machine gun combination to someone’s abdomen to let them know that they are special. As for Torres, she prefers body kicks for every year that you’re born.

Vlismas earned herself 46 shots to the midsection and 2 for good luck. The Tiny Tornado’s good luck kick looked like it had a little extra on it too.

While fighters do these things all the time, I can safely say that if it was me taking those shots, I’d be doubled over and shitting myself.