Chris Barnett was one happy guy at his XIAOMI ROAD FC weigh-in


Move over Smilin’ Sam Alvey. MMA has itself a new ‘Happiest Guy in the Universe’. A year ago, Barnett was matched up with Shim Gun-Oh at XIAOMI ROAD FC. While he did win the fight that saw him spinning all over the place the next day, it was the weigh-ins that stole the show.

Chris Barnett took to the stage and never frowned. He just had the power of positivity that was straight from the Tony Robbins handbook. Barnett took on the role of a B-Boy and a shy schoolgirl, All while allowing the promoter to stroke his beard.

Everybody should be that happy before getting punched in the face.

Alex Nicholson unleashes one-punch KO on Chris Barnett at Island Fights 42

Island Fights 42

The Island Fights 42 main event ended suddenly and violently.

This past weekend Island Fights 42 took place in Pensacola, FL and in the main event former UFC fighter Alex Nicholson took on Chris Barnett.  The action was fast and furious and Barnett was doing pretty well, landing a big right hand and working for a takedown when all of a sudden, KABOOM….a short right hand rendered Barnett out cold.

It was the second straight victory for Nicholson since leaving the UFC. For Barnett, it marks a second consecutive loss.  Barnett has lost four of his last six fights, dropping his record to 15-5. Nicholson’s record moves up to 8-4.  As you’ll see in the video, the two fighters are clinched up in the corner. That’s when Nicholson throws a lightning-fast short right that lands flush on the chin of Barnett. He falls in slow motion, out before he hits the mat.